Explore a Destination Before You Leave Home

Map your location in depth

Find something interesting

Most of us already check street maps a few times before a trip to make sure our hotel is close to downtown or a planned drive isn’t too long to do in a day — but there are many more riches to be found if you spend a little more time with a mapping app.

Use maps features

For example, the Apple Maps “Flyover” and “3D” features have some really cool imagery for many popular destinations. Bing Maps has a “bird’s eye” view made up of photos taken from a plane a few hundred feet off the ground instead of the usual satellite photos. Google Maps has street views and also points to photos.

Get a sense of a place

To help you get a sense of a place before you actually arrive, you can “fly” over the area with Bing’s bird’s eye, “drive” the streets with Google’s street view and “see the streets roll over the hills” with Maps’ 3D view.

Enhance Your Travel Experience

Put Adventure Back into Your
Business Travel

Don’t Skimp on Travel

While we all try to save any way that we can, especially when it comes to travel, it’s a mistake to sacrifice your travel experience for a discount when it comes to business travel.

Go Offsite

But just because you’re on a business trip, it doesn’t mean you can’t go off course a little and have some fun. This will allow you to decompress and make yourself more at ease with where you’re staying.

Have a Network Ready

You’re bound to have some downtime when going on a business travel, and when that time arises, it can be boring if you don’t have a network in place and ideas of things to do.


The Business Travel

Packing essentials

Printed Handouts

Ask yourself: what work documents do you need for your business trip? Whether it’s presentation handouts or meeting agendas, they’re an important part of any business travel checklist.

Office suppliers

Think about what kind of stationery you’ll need to take with you. It sounds simple, but if your business trip involves a client meeting, you’ll need a pen and notepad to record any action points and make sure you look organized.

Wi-Fi access

Think about wireless options if you need to work remotely, navigate your way around your destination, or speak to your family back home. Wi-Fi access in hotel rooms is not always free.


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